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About Our Pets

We strive to know all we can about the breeds that we specialize in, so you can have confidence

in your choice for your unique situation.

Our Story


My First Kitty Crush  Munchkin Minuet Napoleon Kittens · Monday, September 24, 2018

On a late rainy afternoon in early Fall more than a few years ago we drove 2 hours to meet our first tiny kittens. Overcome by the beauty, innocence and delicate features of this particular tiny pure white blue eyed standard boy kitty, I was incurably enraptured with the elegance of this new breed of cat!  As I held him for the first time he just laid back in my arms like the marshmallow fluff ball baby that he was. I was mesmerized ~ hypnotized ~ captivated and hopelessly in love forever.

Thus began the dream of what is now a reality in our daily living. Precious Pets Texas has become the center of our material lives as we have many more than one perfect white with electric blue eyed kitties now. We have silver with bright lime green eyes ~ chocolate and white with copper eyes ~ lilac and white with aqua eyes ~ seal point and white with ice blue eyes ~ seal lynx point with crystal (odd) eyes ~ black, chocolate and white with one blue and one green eye. However, our first love will always be our heart-stopping favorite.

We are known for our pure white with blue eyes kittens.

Our little team works hard every single day to provide our new owner friends with the perfect precious pet/s they too dream of loving for their lifetime. This endeavor is a WIN WIN WIN from every single vantage point. We have healthy and happy animals purring their way with sandpaper kisses to their babies. We sit in wonder as we watch nature so beautifully unfold right before our eyes with tiny emerging kittens of amazing quality and allurement. We share misty tears of joy the moment a new owner holds their fur baby for the very first time. Then the cycle continues from joy to delight to wonder to great satisfaction of the heart!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey if only in reading this story and appreciating our kitty pics.

To sandpaper kisses

~ Lucy @ Precious Pets Texas

What We Do


First and foremost WE LOVE AND RESPECT NATURE!


What an honor to work with these gorgeous creatures to provide for them safety, security and happiness while offering them the opportunity to do what they love to do most ~ care for and love their offspring!


We keep a pristine cattery where everyone has friends to live with in a squeaky-clean environment. We have schedules to maintain for feeding, vaccinations, worming, supplements and excellent cat cleaning solutions for their bodies in order to promote their highest and best health. We have THE most excellent groomer and cattery technician who comes every week to lovingly care for these incredible felines.


When due dates arrive we spend the day or night rubbing mommy tummies and attentively watching for that critical moment when a baby is born and a clear nasal pathway is essential. After that we are committed to supporting the mother so that she can do her best job at what she

‘purring-ly’ loves most to do. When you see a mother making ‘biscuits’ on her babies while they nurse you have no choice but to respond with awe and respect.


We believe that working alongside of nature is possibly the greatest blessing that anyone can experience. Please understand that it is a LOT of hard work. However, the satisfaction of the heart and the joy of the gift of these babies to others cannot be truly explained adequately in words.


With a thankful heart

~ Lucy, Precious Pets Texas

Our highest hope for you is that you find your perfect kitty!


The Napoleon Minuet kitty/cat is one of the newest, unique and most beloved breed of cat in recent years. They are new in that they haven’t even been around for 20 years like their out-cross ancestors. One of the best attributes of the Napoleon Minuet breed of cat is the fact that they are an astonishingly healthy animal. This means that if you get a baby from a high quality breeder who knows exactly what these babies need from the very beginning of life you could easily stand to have 15 or even 20 years with your beautiful pet. The Napoleon Minuet kitten is somewhat of a rare thing. In our country of 327M people there are only about 50 Napoleon Minuet breeders. And when normally only half of a litter may have the shortie legs you can see how it may be harder than you think to find your perfect kitty. Our suggestion: When you find the one you like Don’t Wait! Proper breeders will usually only have 2 litters per Mommie cat per year. When doing the numbers it makes sense to go ahead and call to secure your Precious Pet that will bring you joy, love and sandpaper kisses for years to come. You cannot go wrong with a Napoleon Minuet kitten.


To years of doll face love ~ Lucy

Our Team

Lucy and David

Don't Wait

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